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Essential Ingredients of the Family Enrichment Center


O.U.R. Place provides access to resources; they also are spaces that resemble a living room with couches, comfortable chairs, and coffee.

Appreciative Inquiry & Co-Design

O.U.R. Place include families in the planning, development, and decision-making of the Center. Community members are invited to voice their ideas and co-design offerings with FEC staff.

Community Social Environment

O.U.R. Place creates a social network that connects community members to a hub of social support, increasing community connections for parents and guardians while also increasing healthy parenting abilities.

Community Advocacy and Organizing

FEC members collectively advocating for positive change, and getting results.

Economic Mobility and Self-Sufficiency

FECs utilize both a micro and macro approach to economic mobility to support individuals as they plan, reach, and sustain economic self-sufficiency.

Micro Approach
Providing access to computers or assisting with housing applications.

Macro Approach
Providing access to community leaders and local politicians.

Protective Factor Frameworks

Offerings designed around Protective Factors Framework to provide families with support and meet concrete needs.

Resilience – Be strong and flexible
Relationships – Everyone needs friends and family
Knowledge – Life is learning and leading
Support – Everyone needs help sometime
Communication – Help one another communicate
Economic Mobility – Individuals have resources and opportunities for growth
Community – Strong relationships among neighborhoods

The Impact

Since the three demonstration sites launched in July 2018:


people have received support


participated in offerings


people became FEC members


people attended the Immigration Know Your Rights community event

Over 1,000

offerings were held, ranging from a women’s small business development group, cooking classes, therapeutic art groups, movie nights, game nights, to an “Our Voice” workshop for police officers and community members about mental health issues

O.U.R. Scouts

O.U.R. Place launched with 40 Hunts Point/Longwood youth ages 6 through 12.